Biden To Shut Down Another Mine

F. Joe Biden, the worst, most corrupt president in American history, has decided he is going to close another mine and continue his policies which will destroy the American economy.

The Biden administration moved closer to implementing a 20-year ban on mining in a South Dakota forest area due to its proximity to cultural and natural resources.

In a joint announcement Friday, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service said they would consider a 20-year withdrawal of 20,574 acres located in the Black Hills National Forest near the Pactola Reservoir and Rapid Creek Watershed. The proposed action prohibits new mining claims and the issuance of new federal mineral leases for two years while the agencies review the proposal.

Hmm, I wonder where he’s going to get the minerals for all out electric vehicles? Never mind, he never had a plan for that, and will do nothing about it. Biden is a prick, and always will be.

“Whether it’s northern Minnesota, southern Arizona, Alaska, or now South Dakota, these sorts of land restrictions from the anti-mining Biden Administration hamstring domestic development of minerals we need for national defense, energy technology, and everyday life,” Rep. Pete Stauber, R-Minn., the chairman of the House Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Subcommittee, told Fox News Digital.

“We need to be using our resources we have here with our workforce, not taking them offline,” he continued.

In fairness, this is the easiest way for China to invade America, which is absolutely what Biden wants. I mean, sure, we’ll freeze every fall and winter, but hey, Biden will be rolling around in a Monopoly Guy money pile

God Bless Julia Joan

Sorry about being scarce this weekend, but it was Princess P’s confirmation. Catholic confirmations used to be done in sixth grade, but last year they decided to move the Sacrament of Confirmation to eighth grade, a little more than two months before graduation.

Julia decided to ask her Uncle Mike to be her sponsor, and he gladly agreed. Everything went very well, despite the fact Uncle Mike forgot what her confirmation name was. He blanked, but Julia covered for him.

Julia’s confirmation name was Joan, as in Saint Joan of Arc.

Julia liked the name, read a little bit about her life, and thought Joan of Arc was kind of a badass. Fighting the English at the age of seventeen, recruiting other French soldiers, and bringing The Word of God to her fellow Frenchmen. One quote attributed to Joan was extremely powerful:

“Go forward bravely. Fear nothing. Trust in God; all will be well.”

The Bishop looked like he was 80 years old, but he was spry, soft-spoken, and he really took the Julia’s class. He explained how important confirmation was, and how important it is to trust in the Lord.

My mother-in-law found a small statue of Joan of Arc, and she gave it to Princess P after the ceremony. I’m very proud of her, and more proud that she picked such an influential Catholic Saint.

Meet “The Beast”

Meet “The Beast,” a 1970’s muscle car created by John Dodd.

The vehicle looks unusual, because it IS unusual. The original motor was a tank engine, and the car had about 2.35 miles per gallon. It’s exactly the kind of car you would want to drive through San Francisco or Seattle.

The Beast is a legendary 1970s muscle car powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 airplane engine that can produce over 750hp and has a fuel consumption of around 2.35 mpg.

After completing the transmission for the car and ordering a custom fiberglass body with the hood almost as long as the rest of the vehicle to accommodate the giant engine, John Dodd completed The Beast in 1972. The car’s unique appearance and technical specifications made it somewhat of an oddity that drew the attention of both passers-by and seasoned motorists. It was featured on television shows and at various events around Europe, but in 1974, when returning from a trip to Sweden, disaster struck.

The vehicle caught fire and was rebuilt. Dodd then changed the engine for something more powerful.

The one-off vehicle caught fire while being transported from a car show, and the damage was so extensive that Dodd had no choice but to rebuild the whole thing virtually from scratch. He did just that, this time fitting it with a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 airplane engine which had powered the Spitfire and Hurricane fighter aircraft during WW2’s Battle for Britain.

Damn, that’s impressive. The Beast is not exactly good on gas, but it is probably a joy to ride.

Seven Straight Months Of Contraction

The Philadelphia Federal Reserve has announced there have been seven straight months of contraction. The negative readings are continuing, thanks to the Biden administration’s ridiculous policies.

The Philly Fed said that its index for current general activity rose one point to a minus 23.2, the seventh consecutive negative reading. While that is an improvement from the minus reading of 24.3 in February, any reading below zero indicates a contraction in activity from the previous month.

Economists had forecast the index to come in at minus 15.8, so the reading is worse than expected.

Thankfully, the Trump administration will fix this… oh, never mind.

Both the index of new orders, a critical metric of demand for manufactured goods in the region, and the index measuring shipments have declined to their lowest readings since May 2020, when much of the economy was locked down in the initial wave of the pandemic. The index of new orders fell 15 points to minus 28.2. Only 35 percent of the firms reported declines in new orders, unchanged since last month, seven percent reported increases, and 58 percent reported no change.

The shipments index had a sharp drop, going from 8.7 last month to a minus 25.4 this month.

The numbers are really bad, and much worse than expected. I read an article last week which claimed we may be looking at a depression before 2024. We’re already in a recession, the Biden administration is spending like a drunken sailor, no one in Washington, D.C. cares.

Thanks To The Lord

You probably know I had a colonoscopy on March 6th.

The pre-prep was really awful, despite the face they said the pills would be much better. They weren’t, since I had to drink 32 ounces of water after taking each of the twelve – TWELVE – pills! I was completely bloated and thought I was going to vomit.

Any hoo, I went to the colonoscopy, and my doctor did the procedure. About an hour later I woke up and the doctor was waiting for me by the bed. He said there was a polyp in my colon, and he removed it. Okay, that sounds good and all, but…

The doctor said, “I think it’s benign, but we’re going to check it for cancer, just in case.” I kinda stopped listening after that. One of my coworkers had colon cancer, and while he was in great shape, he didn’t last very long. Since his passing, I’ve been scared to death of colon cancer, and this freaked me out.

Well, the doctor called on Thursday and said the polyp was pre-cancerous, but because they got it removed, I’m in the clear. I’ll have to have a colonoscopy every five years from here on out, but I have no problem with that if it can keep the cancer away.

Tony Montana Wept

The Colombian navy stopped and seized a submarine in the Pacific Ocean which was smuggling three tons of cocaine, headed to Central America.

A submarine with two dead bodies and nearly three tons of cocaine aboard was seized in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Colombia, the country’s navy announced Sunday. Two survivors “in poor health” were also found on the vessel and given first aid.

“These people’s poor health state is presumably due to the inhalation of toxic fumes caused by fuel problems inside the boat,” Captain Cristian Andres Guzman Echeverry said in a video released by the navy.

Sadly, the submariners health is going to be a lot worse when the Colombian cartel finds out they lost three tons of cocaine.

The roughly 50-foot-long submarine was carrying almost 5,800 pounds of cocaine, worth more than $87 million, officials said. The navy said the vessel had been bound for countries in Central America, and that the seizure had kept more than 6 million doses of cocaine off the illegal market.

Wow, there is going to be a lot of twerking for the next few months in Central America.

DeSantis Cracking Down On Voter Fraud

While most of America is suffering through feckless, useless governors, one governor is cracking down on voter fraud. That man’s name is Ron DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis arrested two females, one who voted in Florida and New Jersey and the other voted despite being a felon.

The agents arrested Ocala resident Donna Prentes Brady on March 13th, and booked her in the Marion County Jail, based on evidence that she voted in both the 2020 New Jersey state primaries and general elections in person in Marion County and by mail in Sussex County, New Jersey.

Both counts are third-degree felonies.

The offenders are both elderly, and I’d be lying if I cared about their age. They committed voter fraud, now they can rot in prison for all I care.

Agents arrested Fort Walton Beach resident Toye Ann La Rocca March 8 on the charge that she falsely swore voter registration information and two charges for voting while a disqualified felon, still on probation for her driving under the influence conviction.

Maybe La Rocca should move to Minnesota, where felons can vote freely. Stupid bint.

Indian Man Makes A Friend For Life

Meet Mohammed Arif of India. Mohammed was working in a field when he found a sarus crane with a damaged leg. Mohammed treated the crane, nursed it back to health, and now the crane follows him wherever he goes.

30-year-old Mohammed Arif, a harvester operator from Mandka village, in Uttar Pradesh, was working in a field in February of last year, when he saw an injured sarus crane in dire need of help. It was bleeding from one leg and seemed in a lot of pain, so the young man picked it up and took it home where he started nursing it back to health. It took a while, but the red-necked crane made a full recovery. Only instead of flying away the moment it was set free, the majestic bird stuck by its benefactor, accompanying him everywhere.

There aren’t a lot of people who would do so much for a damaged crane, but Mohammed is different.

The bird was bleeding profusely in its right leg and I could see it was in a lot of pain,” Mohammed said about the day he met his feathered friend. ‘Without thinking twice, I picked it up and brought the bird home. I put some medicine on its leg and applied a plaster by fixing a bamboo stick and covering it with bandages. I have an outhouse, basically a shed with a tin roof where the bird was housed.”

During its recovery, the bird mingled with the domestic birds in Arif’s yard while he was away at work, but as soon as the man came home, it immediately came to him, asking to be cuddled and sharing his food. By April, the bird, which Arif named ‘Bachcha’, made a full recovery, but it refused to fly away, preferring to stick by its best friend.

This is such a great story, with a terrific person leading the way.

Thanks to The Pirate’s Cove for the generous link!

Feel-Good Friday

An unidentified Chinese man is being hailed as a hero after he climbed a building pipe to rescue a child who fell out the window and landed on a ledge.

A man hailed as a hero climbed the side of a building as easily as if he himself were the web-spinning wonder to rescue a toddler that had fallen out of a building window onto a ledge.

In the city of Changzhou, a casually-dressed middle-aged man was videotaped scaling a pipe to reach the second-floor ledge of a building where a child was crying, haven previously fallen out of a window another floor above.

That’s a pretty brave maneuver, since who knows if that pipe was sturdy enough.

Once there, he edges along the ledge to reach the platform and secure the child, whereby a man from the window above lowers a rope to hoist the child back up to what is presumably his home.

The man rescued the boy, climbed back down the pipe and went on his way. The man is still unidentified.

Thanks to The Daley Gator for the linkage.