Blue (Ball) Thunder

A British police helicopter crew got their Austin Powers on – and their rocks off – while hovering over what Top Gun’s Maverick would call a target-rich environment.

Coppers who buzzed the British skies filming people having sex and tanning in the nude have been busted. The perv police were part of a helicopter crew who allegedly used the chopper’s video camera to shoot hormone-charged hijinks.

Prosecutor Richard Wright said Tuesday the filming was a “gross violation” of the victims’ privacy. He said the public has a right to hope that police helicopters are being used to keep communities safe, not to film sex acts from the air.

The case against five men in Sheffield Crown Court relies in part on a graphic, eight-minute film consisting of footage from the South Yorkshire Police helicopter.

I know what you’re thinking: “Wyatt, you shouldn’t become a cop to gawk at naked women having sex!” Um… then why be one?

Minnesota Wild

The murder – yes, I am using that term – of Justine Damond by a Minneapolis police officer is becoming more bizarre every day. Apparently the offender, Officer Mohamed Noor, was rushed through the academy so the city could proudly announce their new diversity hires.

The fatal police shooting of an unarmed woman in Minnesota was committed by one of five Somalis Minneapolis recruited as part of its affirmative-action plan.

“The city’s affirmative-action program requires it to give preferential treatment to minorities, not only those hired by the city but by all contractors awarded contracts of more than $100,000,” reports World Net Daily.

Since WND is quoted, take the “diversity hire” rumor with a grain of salt. Of course, many big cities have programs aimed at hiring officers from different ethnic backgrounds, so the rumor may be true…

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The Cream In Her Coffee

A city in uber-liberal Washington state is considering dress code legislation aimed at bikini baristas; the swimsuit-wearing coffee servers popular on the west coast.

In other words, Washington will soon be as bad a place to work as it is to visit.

A new crackdown on bikini baristas may be coming soon to Everett. The city council is debating two ordinances, one of which would require scantily-clad coffee makers to wear more clothes.

The city attorney says this is not about placating people who are offended by women wearing bikinis. It’s an effort to eliminate prostitution and other illegal activities the city says is common at some bikini barista stands.

As a result, the city council is considering two ordinances. One would require a dress code for what they call quick service restaurants. Specifically, workers would have to wear tank tops and shorts at a minimum.

The half-naked waitresses at Hooters, et, al? No worries. Strippers, streetwalkers, and primo hoors? Fine. What we really need to do is crack down on those awful, violent coffee servers!

Sunday Services

Since the new season of Game of Thrones premiered last week – and yes, I am probably the only person on Earth who has never seen an episode – so what better focus for Sunday Services than Daenerys Targaryen, played by Emilia Clarke.

Emilia Isabelle Euphemia Rose Clarke (born 23 October 1986) is an English actress. Born in London and brought up in Berkshire, Clarke first gained an interest in acting as a child after seeing the musical Show Boat, on which her father was working as a sound engineer.

Clarke rose to prominence in 2011 for her breakthrough role as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO series Game of Thrones, a performance that has gained her critical and popular acclaim. She has been nominated for three Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series (2013, 2015–2016), among other numerous accolades. In 2017, Clarke became one of the highest paid actors on television for earnings of £2 million per episode of Game of Thrones.

I’m told Clarke is/was repeatedly naked in the series, so I guess that’s a selling point.

There are more photos below the fold…

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Plato’s Republican

You may remember my neighbor Denny from his blog, First In! After taking a very long break, Denny is back in the blogging game with a new site, but the same entertaining opinions.

If you’d like to reconnect – or just annoy him about his profile photo – check out his new site, Plato’s Alibi.

DISCLAIMER: After this post, I fully expect Denny to quit blogging again. 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot, Jim from bRight & Early has also resurrected his blogging acumen, with a new site entitled, Geezer Jim. I’m sure he would like to hear from those of you who have been reading me blogs for a while.

Sidewalk Squawk

Meet Greg Howard, a “journalist” at the New York Times.

To be hired by the nation’s most notorious fake newspaper, Greg had to be down with all the acceptable policy positions – conservatives are evil, free health care is a right, and of course, white people are racist.

In a Wednesday essay titled “Was That Racist,” reporter Greg Howard singled out white women for forcing him “off the sidewalk completely” when walking toward him, not allowing a straight path.

“In seven years of living and walking here, I’ve found that most people walk courteously — but that white women, at least when I’m in their path, do not.”

“After these encounters, I’m always left with questions. Why only and specifically white women? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because they’ve been taught that they should fear black men, and that any acknowledgment of black men can invite danger? Do they refuse to acknowledge me because to alter their route would be to show their fear? Do they not see me? Can they not see me?” he asks in the essay.

Ironic how this clown asks if ALL white women are taught to fear black men, immediately after lumping ALL white women with the “racist” tag. For my part, this never happens to me; as a white male, white women curtsey as I walk past. It’s pretty sweet.

The Killing Joke

You may find this hard to believe, but a cosplay event at an Australian swingers sex club took an unusual turn earlier this month.

Two people having sex while dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn were shot by armed police during a raid on a swingers’ party. Officers claimed 35-year-old Dale Ewins, who was dressed as the villain from Batman, was holding a gun.

However the venue in Melbourne, Australia, has accused police of overreacting, saying that the ‘male victim was not holding anything in his hand’, and that the gun on his person was a toy that he had registered as part of his costume.

Zita Sukys, dressed as Harley Quinn, also suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Well, I guess I could see how this misunderstanding could lead to the shooting, and since there were no serious injuries…

Officers shot the man and hit him in the torso after he allegedly pulled out a gun. He was also later tasered.

Wait, what? The Aussies not only shot him, but tased him afterward?? Did they not think that a tad excessive??? God damn, remind me to never visit the Land Down Under.

The Harrell Of The Cells

Meet Allan Harrell of Chesapeake, Virginia.

Allan is a handsome, upscale sophisticate who enjoys the finer things in life. Unfortunately, Allan took a hit in the stock market of late, so now he needs to fall back on that criminal justice degree. To wit…

Allan Harrell is accused of robbing Amazing Glazed at 321 Johnstown Road on Sunday and again Tuesday, Chesapeake police said in a news release. He’s charged with two counts of robbery and two counts of wearing a mask in public.

“Amazing Glazed?” That was Maria Spinabifida’s nickname in high school. She was a good time.

On Sunday around 12:40 p.m., witnesses told police Harrell – with his face covered – entered the store with a knife and demanded cash. No one was injured, and the robber ran away. Two days later, around 4 p.m., police returned for a report of another robbery. Witnesses told officers there the same story – a man entered, his face covered, with a knife and demanded cash.

Wait a minute, a doughnut shop was robbed twice in one week, and not one police officer was in the store either time? I call bullshit.

New Health Issue, Same Old Politician

It seems every time I want to throw some support John McCain’s way, he inevitably screws the pooch before my fingers hit the keyboard.

Arizona Sen. John McCain blasted a report on the administration’s new Syria posture just hours after revealing he had a cancerous brain tumor. McCain’s statement faulted the administration for reportedly ending a covert program begun during the Obama administration to provide arms to Syrian rebels battling President Bashar al-Assad.

‘If these reports are true, the administration is playing right into the hands of Vladimir Putin,’ the Armed Services Committee chairman said in a statement.

The statement served as a reminder that so long as he is in the Senate, McCain will continue to warn against the administration’s proposed move toward Moscow.

As someone who has had two – albeit minor – skin cancer surgeries, I sincerely wish McCain fully recovers. Regarding the senator’s “OMG TRUMP-RUSSIA!” statement, I’ll hold my tongue.