Sunday Services

Keira Knightley Sexy

The blog has been live for three days now, and I realized the babe postings have been rare. While scouring the innerwebz for a suitable muse, an idea hit me like Chris Brown strikes Rihanna. “Sunday Services” will be a new weekly post, featuring babes (and guys) on the Lord’s day. Yes, Sunday is a day of rest, but that does not preclude the occasional elevated heart rate.

My first subject is the delicious Keira Knightley, a woman who has lived rent-free in my heart since her role in Pirates of the Caribbean. She does not possess my preferred body type, but she still puts asses in the seats. I hope she meets with your approval, because my princess is launching a regular feature.

So please join me in celebrating Keira’s big day. I know I’ll be thinking about her.

Oh, babe pics (both male and female) will appear here on a regular basis, regardless of the day. Sunday Services is just my reminder to post them at least once a week.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. On the Sunday that you post male eye candy, I will sit in the front pew. This Sunday I am hanging out in the back hoping I don’t get struck by a lightning bolt since I haven’t been very good this week.


  2. Ol’ Wyatt is smitten, not slightly,
    By the charms of actress Ms Knightley.
    Should she gesture with her finger,
    He will certainly not linger,
    No, he’ll be coming, quite spritely.

    (I think I’ll like these Sunday Services. :))


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