Fred Dalton Thompson (1942-2015)

Fred Dalton Thompson The Hunt For Red October

Fred Thompson, the senator-turned-actor, has died after a longtime battle with lymphoma.

Fred Thompson, a former U.S. senator for Tennessee, GOP presidential candidate, Watergate attorney and longtime “Law and Order” star, died on Sunday. He was 73. Mr. Thompson died after a recurrence of lymphoma, according to a prepared statement issued by the Thompson family.

As an attorney, he helped lead to the resignation of President Richard Nixon. As a politician, he served the state of Tennessee for eight years as a conservative Republican in the U.S. Senate and briefly as a possible GOP presidential nominee. As an actor, he starred in some of the most prominent films and television series of his time. (H/T – Metoo, Kari)

Thompson was a tremendous spokesman for conservative principles, and a giant in the film industry. My personal favorites are his roles in The Hunt for Red October and No Way Out. Godspeed, Senator Thompson. You will be missed.

10 thoughts on “Fred Dalton Thompson (1942-2015)

  1. I went to hear him speak in 2007 when he was running for president.This is from Jim Geraghty’s column today “Someone pointed out after Thompson’s 2008 campaign that Barack Obama had spent most of his life planning to be the next FDR, JFK and Woodrow Wilson rolled into one. Until right before his campaign, Fred Thompson had been planning to be the next Paul Harvey. His campaign made clear he had no craven, raw lust for power or the glamour of the presidency; life had been good to him and he was happy to spend the rest of his days with Jeri and his children. As Larry Holmes said last night, “He didn’t really want to be president. That’s why he would have been a good one.” RIP Fred. Your voice of reason will be missed.

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    1. I thought so. He was my guy right up until he dropped out. Picking someone from what was left was like choosing between South Park’s Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche.

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  2. Fred holds the record for me contributing to political campaigns. He’s the only one I ever gave anything to. I supported him from before he announced until he dropped out.

    R.I.P.,, Fred. You will be missed.

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