Sunday Services

Lea Seydoux Cleavage

Meet Léa Seydoux. Léa is a 30-year old Parisian actress whose curves are in all the right places.

Spectre isn’t just the biggest film of Seydoux’s career to date; with a $250 million price tag it’s also one of the most expensive movies ever made. Despite lukewarm reviews, global audiences have already pushed it to $296 million in box office receipts. And while she bravely laid bare her body and soul in the critically acclaimed Blue, many moviegoers are seeing more of Seydoux in her mainstream Bond debut than they ever have before. (H/TThe Daily Beast)

Vive la France!

There are more French kisses below the fold.

Not bad for a cheese-eatin’ surrender monkey. Not bad at all.

Léa Seydoux

Léa also scores bonus points for the underboob shot.

Lez Seydoux Midriff

Yeah, Je serai dans ma couchette.

Editor’s Note: I actually wrote this post early Thursday morning, but acknowledge the irony of posting a French babe two days after the Paris terror attacks.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. But it is only a trifecta, need at least 6-12 to be a home run…or touchdown…ok, maybe I mixed my metaphors…more please 🙂


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