Mom. Was. Pleased.

Mom Press Conference

So Saturday we celebrated my mother’s 70th birthday by taking her to Lincoln Financial Field for a tour of the Philadelphia Eagles’ home. My mother is one of those militant Eagles fans, who demanded all her children followed her lead. As a result, I am a Broncos fan. Heh.

Bradford LockerWe arrived at the stadium and our tour guide Shaun welcomed us, explained the ground rules – most notably, don’t stray, because it is easy to get lost in the stadium – and led us into the depths of the Linc. Among the sights we enjoyed was the Eagles locker room, which is freakin’ enormous. Kyle took the occasion to get a photo in front of Sam Bradford’s locker. (Bradford is his favorite player.)

We were led out to the field, and were able to stand by the end zone. We couldn’t go on the grass because the grounds crew was painting the lines and logos for Sunday’s game against the Dolphins. Shaun really knew his stuff and obviously loved his job. Most of the facts we learned were more obscure, but really interesting, like the fact only four people in the Eagles’ organization have a key to the referee’s locker room. Everyone else is forbidden from being anywhere near it. And the first team to use the home locker room? Manchester United!

(Click the photos to embiggen.)

Julia CheerleadersWhile we were in the locker room, some season ticket holders were getting photos with cheerleaders. Julia freaked out when she saw them and asked if she could also have her picture taken. Shaun said yes, and viola. They even gave her pom-poms for the photo. Julia’s day was made. (I, of course, was unaffected by the cheerleaders. Self-control and all that)

We were taken up the the luxury boxes – in this case, it was the one owned by accounting firm KPMG – and were blown away. I really need to get wealthy. The view was amazing, the seats gently massaged our buttocks, and this particular room had a wall mural of Chuck Bednarik, possibly the toughest football player of all time.

There is more below the fold.

Press Box

The next stop was the press room, where the media sets up shop on game days. Kevin and Erik sat down in reporter’s chairs, my mom made an announcement on the room’s loudspeaker, and Mrs. Earp and I took a selfie. You know, since I am slightly less fat (and much more sexy).

Me and Mrs Earp

The tour ended shortly after that, and my mom received her other present, a football signed by her favorite player, Riley Cooper. She cried. A lot. Happy tears, of course, but there were still waterworks. Shaun gave the rest of us Eagles water bottles and Eagles car magnets before thanking us and heading to his next group. I cannot say enough good things about Shaun, but I did write an email to the Eagles telling them how terrific he was, and how he is a credit to their organization.

Anyone who can make me like the Philadelphia Eagles again is someone worth promoting.

14 thoughts on “Mom. Was. Pleased.

  1. You were “unaffected by the cheerleaders” because the lovely (and unbelievably patient) Mrs. Earp was present and you’re not ‘that’ dumb. Sounds like a great day and a memory you can cherish.


  2. So glad your mom had a great birthday! And, that thin guy in the pic with your wife, has the same ” I’m gonna push the envelope” look as Kevin. Looks like everyone had a memory making day.


  3. Jim – And Julia didn’t want to see Daddy drooling over the cheerleaders. Mrs. Earp doesn’t like the photo above because her hair is all de-poofed. Not her fault, it was crazy windy and cold all day.

    Metoo – Mom loved it. She cried a lot, and send me a nice text Sunday thanking me for a day she “will never forget.” Totally worth it.

    And I’m not thin, just less fat. 🙂 I actually like how I look in that photo, except for the fact me and the missus aren’t looking right at the camera. #SelfieFAIL.


    1. Oh, come on, the only reason you weren’t affected by the cheerleaders was because both of there were brunettes. If they’d been redheads you would’ve been nothing but a drool puddle on the floor!!!


      1. Meh, I’m kinda off redheads right now. Nothing wrong with brunettes. Mrs. Earp is a brunette, as were 90% of my lifetime girlfriends. Not that I even noticed their hair color while they wore those outfits.


  4. Happy Birthday Mom!
    What an awesome gift and great way to celebrate.
    But we could have done without the image of your buttocks being gently massaged. Brain bleach! Stat!


  5. Kari – Thanks, it was really very cool. I have a ton of pics that didn’t make this post, but I wanted the selfie up here to show how much weight I’ve dropped. For her part, Mrs. Earp is down a bunch, too.


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