Whoring: You’re Doing It Wrong

Free SexA woman from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania has been accused of doing her hometown’s name proud.

The woman accused of running a prostitution ring out of her home said her only crime is operating a massage business without a license.

“It was massages with free fun after work,” said Crystal Sweigart on Thursday in her home in the 10 block of Hopewell Street in the borough. “Being labeled as a prostitute isn’t what I was doing. I was giving pleasure without expecting any money.”

Sweigart, 32, is charged with misdemeanor prostitution. She was arrested on Tuesday around 5:30 p.m. and released on $2,500 unsecured bail.

Free sex. What a novel idea! Lemme guess: the sex was free, but the massages cost $300?

5 thoughts on “Whoring: You’re Doing It Wrong

  1. Why does Pennsylvania have all the fun weirdoes?
    Her name is Crystal! She couldn’t make it at pole dancing. She has a house from her 3rd marriage. What do you expect her to do? A girl has got to make a living some how. EGADS!


  2. Metoo – Well, after jogging today, I think I have a groin strain. I think I need Crystal’s services.

    Cathy – Especially in this economy! I am surprised they didn’t post a photo of Crystal. I looked her up, and, well, yikes! She should paying guys for sex, not the other way around.


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