Down Goes Vader! Down Goes Vader!

Darth Vader Robs Florida Convenience StoreA Florida man’s plans to rob a Jacksonville convenience store went horribly wrong when he found himself front-stage, center of The Cashier Strikes Back.

Jacob Jeremy Mercer, 32, was arrested in the attempted armed robbery of Jacksonville Beach’s 8 til Late store. The mask-wearing thief entered the store with a pistol and demanded cash.

With no light saber around, a store clerk picked up the next best thing – a bottle of salad dressing – and hurled it at the Vader wannabe, who turned and fled. A man identified only as Ricardo told First Coast News he saw the thief leaving the store with a bloody face from where the bottle struck him. (H/T – TXNick)

Mr. Incredible, Darth Vader… I’m old enough to remember when thugs robbed banks while wearing presidential masks. What, did none of you see Point Break?

13 thoughts on “Down Goes Vader! Down Goes Vader!

  1. Damned good shot, but I suspect that Darth’s phaser was empty of electrons or that poor clerk would be pushing up daisies. Score: Thousand Island 1, Darth 0.


        1. You’re already married & I’m not a member of LDS. But I’ll be your partner in trouble-making…you can wear the tights, I’ll wear the sweats.


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