System Of A (Stand) Down

Hillary Clinton BoredIn newly-acquired emails, the Defense Department claimed they had forces standing by to rescue Ambassador Chris Stevens and his personnel during the attack on the American embassy in Benghazi.

This goes against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s claim that forces were not available.

Jeremy Bash, then the Defense Department’s chief of staff, wrote in an email to top aides to Hillary Clinton the night of Sept. 11, 2012 that Gen. Martin Dempsey and the Joint Chiefs of Staff had “identified the forces that could move to Benghazi.”

“They are spinning as we speak,” Bash wrote within hours of the start of the attack.

While parts of the email were redacted, the message indicates the Pentagon was waiting for approval from the State Department to send the forces in. That help never arrived for the Americans under siege at the Benghazi compound.

So let’s see, Clinton lied about the motive of the attack, lied about the availability of rescue forces, and apparently ordered a stand down of those forces, which assured the deaths of Ambassador Stevens, and three other Americans. Oh, and as an added bonus, Clinton is now claiming the families of those murdered that evening were lying when they said Hillary blamed the attack on the YouTube video. Wow Hillary, way to stay classy.

This woman should be facing criminal charges, or at least publicly shunned; and yet, she is probably going to win the Democratic presidential nomination.

7 thoughts on “System Of A (Stand) Down

  1. I honestly do not understand how Hill and Bubba get a pass on all criminal behavior. There in no doubt in my mind that Hillary is the devil incarnate. When I look at her I see nothing but evil with absolutely no redeeming qualities to be found. And, you’re right, she and Leon Panetta should at least face perjury charges. I truly do not know who people like that sleep at night but I am certain they sleep better than you and I.

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  2. Hill and Bubba get a pass because they are democrats. The democrats who vote for these idiots will deny the lies or come up with some out of this world reason for the lie.

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  3. Metoo – She is virtually untouchable, and this FBI investigation into her email server will eventually exonerate her right before the election. She’ll sweep right into the White House. You heard it here first.

    Cathy – The truly horrifying part of all this is people will still enthusiastically vote for her, even with the scandals, even with the lies, and even knowing all she’s done. It’s sickening.

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  4. I understand the CO of the special ops group that was available spoke up, and has never been heard from again. Doesn’t pay to buck Gen. Dempsey and the Hildabeast.


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