A School And Its Money Are Soon Parted

School District Of Philadelphia

The inept School District of Philadelphia is about to run out of money, and like clockwork, its leadership is blaming everyone except themselves.

With an ongoing stalemate over the state budget in Harrisburg, finances remain precarious for many agencies that depend on the commonwealth for funding.

The cash-flow situation is particularly dire for the Philadelphia School District, which educates about 130,000 students. In a letter sent to staff Tuesday night, Superintendent William R. Hite Jr. said the school system could run out of money on January 29 without a new state budget.

Never mind Pennsylvania has not had a Republican governor since 2003. Never mind Philadelphia has not has a Republican mayor since 1952. Never mind the former schools superintendent received a $950,000 buyout. Never mind the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers stole $6 million from their members’ health care fund. Forget all that. The real problem here is the eeeevil Republicans in the State House who refuse to bend to Governor Tom Wolf’s demands.

The School District of Philadelphia is an incompetent, corrupt organization which throws away money like I throw away candy wrappers. They have been crying poverty for as long as I can remember, despite the fact their most recent budget (2014-15) was $2.6 billion. That’s billion, with a “b.”

That’s not enough anymore. Now the district is demanding another $300 million. Are they out of their damned minds? In my opinion, until Philly can demonstrate they can practice fiscal responsibility, they shouldn’t receive dollar one. If the schools have to close, so be it.

I’d like to think the administrators and teachers would eventually break out of their robotic “obey the union” slumber and realize what is going on here, but since the school district just gave the current superintendent a five-year contract extension, I won’t hold my breath.

5 thoughts on “A School And Its Money Are Soon Parted

  1. Great summation of the Phila school budget mess. I’ve followed this for years. It makes me sick. $20M per student and look how poorly they are educated. And as you point out, look at the party in charge for a very long time. It’s all union driven and will only get much worse in the near term. The newly elected mayor is all tied into the unions and every other entitled group in the city


  2. Metoo – Or better yet, get out of their member’s way. The sad part is far too many teachers blindly follow them… right into oblivion. I’m no fan of my FOP, and when they suggest people to vote for – usually Democrats – I just laugh and laugh. Philly teachers – many of them – just follow orders and vote for their own doom.

    Jack – Kenney is a disgrace. He’ll have people yearning for Squidward in a month. It also doesn’t help that Kenney likes the fermented beverages entirely too much. *hic*


  3. Only in America do we reward epic incompetence by giving more money to the same people who have already pissed away a crapload of money. This would never fly in a country where the majority of the electorate possessed some degree of critical thinking skills.


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