I’ll Be Your Waitress Tonight

There are few absolutes in life. McDonald’s fries are the best fast food fries, the Cubs will always let you down, and Christmas Wrapping is the greatest Christmas song, evah.

The local Christmas music stations – Philly has two of them – do play this brilliant tune from The Waitresses, albeit sparingly, but I have been lucky enough to hear it three times so far this season. It always makes me smile.

I post this song every year on Christmas Eve, and this year will be no different, but since no one reads the blog on Christmas Eve, I wanted to post it tonight. Enjoy!

Now if the stations can just play Christmas in Hollis, I’ll be set.

4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Your Waitress Tonight

  1. John – It helps that The Waitresses were a post-punk band with a great sound and a terrific bass beat in this. It also helps it’s an 80’s song, and as we all know, music reached perfection in 1985.

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  2. So since I try and post some type of Christmas song to Facebook each day…Today I am copying your idea and posting this song. I had never heard it and it’s great, Wyatt!


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