Devils Ducks 2015For the past few years, I’ve been taking the kids to a New Jersey Devils game. The Flyers are our home team, but the ticket prices for their games are ridiculous. So, we make the 75-mile trek to Newark to see the Devils. Last night was Kevin and Julia’s first-ever hockey game, and no, unlike David Puddy, we did not paint our faces.

Kevin had a minor problem at the outset. Our seats were in the second row of the second level, but the stairway is very steep. The boy had a panic attack, and convinced himself he would fall over the railing. This continued until the second period, when the Nathan’s hot dog and ice cream finally kicked in.

Kevin Devils Game 2015

The Devils were playing the Anaheim Ducks – Kyle picked the opponent this year – but five of us were cheering for the Devils. Kevin, Mr. Contrarian, was rooting for the Ducks. The Ducks are having a terrible season, so we expected a Devils win.


The Ducks scored two goals in the first period, and the way the Devils were playing, I could have suited up. Slow skating, awful passing, and all-around laziness ruled the day for the red and black. Kyle’s expression rarely changed during the first two periods, and it usually consisted of resting bitchy face.

Kids At Devils Game 2015

Julia, for her part, loved everything about the game. The hockey, the food, the cheering, the music. She clapped with the fans and cheered for the Devils, especially when they finally scored late in the third period. Plus, she got a good selfie with Daddy.

Julia Devils Game 2015

The Devils lost the game, 2-1, but the kids had a good time. They’re all Devils fans now – even Kevin – and want to see another game next season.

7 thoughts on “Bedeviled

  1. Kari – A win would have been better, but yes, everyone had fun.

    Metoo – Agreed. Victoria said I look “too thin” in the pic with Julia. As if there is such a thing as too thin.


  2. Looks like you had a fun night! Always a good thing spending family time.
    I did Santa Sacks until last year. Tossing $600 at one night just got outta my reach.


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