Nerd Ranking: Sith Lord

Darth Vader Choking RebelAs most of you know, I am an insufferable Star Wars nerd. I still have all my ships and action figures from the 70’s and 80’s, I can quote the original trilogy pretty much verbatim, and I was Mr. April on the Star Wars Nerd Calendar. I dressed as IG-88; a very underrated villain.

That said, while I literally drool when I see the Millennium Falcon in action, I have never once considered changing my birth name to fit the Star Wars canon.

Darth Vader is a tattooed 43-year-old former Marine who owns a gym and is raising funds online for a bone marrow transplant. A western New York man legally changed his name last year to match the villain in the “Star Wars” films.

Eric Welch, of Canandaigua, says he grew up in foster homes and didn’t have strong family ties to his name. The “Star Wars” fan says he chose Darth Vader for his new name because the character carries an aura of leadership and toughness.

You know, I was all set to post an epic rant about this guy, then I find out he’s a Marine who needs a bone marrow transplant. Even I’m not that evil. What a jip.

11 thoughts on “Nerd Ranking: Sith Lord

  1. John – I’m maturing.

    Bawahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Yeah right. I just didn’t want to destroy a guy with bone marrow cancer three days before Christmas.

    MelP – Then I will do a follow-up post and destroy him, his family, his friends, and his dog.


  2. Skin it..go ahead, skin that Smoke Wagon and see what happens! Nothing Han says comes close to that…well there is the “Yes, everything is find down here, all good over.”

    Why would Wyatt ever change to Han Solo, Napoleon Solo I can see πŸ™‚


  3. Former Marine (Bless you), gym owner and raising $$$ for a bone marrow transplant changes his name to Darth Vader, tolerable when you consider the name Magnolia Thunderpussy and
    her shtick….


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