Remain Calm, All Is Well

Obama Remain Calm

Before jetting off to Hawaii for a few weeks, the “president” agreed to yet another softball interview, and blamed the media for the country’s ISIS concerns. Yeah, it’s the media, not the actual terror attacks.

President Obama said in an interview broadcast early Monday that he understands why Americans are worried about the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), adding that it is important “to keep things in perspective.”

“This is not an organization that can destroy the United States,” he told NPR. “This is not a huge industrial power that can pose great risks to us institutionally or in a systematic way. But they can hurt us, and they can hurt our people and our families.”

Obama blamed the media in part for fears, saying that in the past month “all you have been seeing, all you have been hearing about is these guys with masks or black flags who are potentially coming to get you.”

Excuse me, Captain James T. Jerk; they came to get Parisians, and they came to get people in San Bernadino. And spoiler alert: they did both in less than three weeks, but you were too busy watching ESPN to notice.

I swear, this f**king guy is as useless as an ejection seat on a helicopter.

8 thoughts on “Remain Calm, All Is Well

  1. Oh, that we could place him in an ejection seat in a helicopter. I agree with some who think he is so grounded in his ideology that he just doesn’t care about anything else and considers everything else very superficial and not worth his time. He has really done a job on this nation during his time in office.

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  2. August – I’d say Joe Biden, too, but he is too pathetic to waste a seat on.

    Metoo – It’ll take years to repair the damage he’s done, mostly because he only wanted the perks of the office, not the work which came with it.

    FF – I don’t know if he is the worst president in history, but he is the worst in my lifetime, and I was alive when Carter was POTUS.


  3. He wants the rock star, rub elbows with movie stars, Air Force One lifestyle but not the actual leader of the free world part of the job. In short he wants to be the Queen of England not the Prime Minister.

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  4. What do you think he’s going to be like after he’s out of the office? I’d love to see the battered spouse (AKA the media) ignore him when he tries to step in front of a microphone to give his opinion. Yeah, yeah, I know, that’ll only happen if HillsBills gets elected…although the look on HER face would be priceless.


  5. Ingineer66 – In short, he wants to be George Lucas. Let the writers do the hard work, then sit back and get the credit.

    MelP – I think he will be even more insufferable after he leaves office, opining on what he would do if he was still POTUS.


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