The Devil Made Him Do It

Paul Terry OklahomaMeet Paul Terry.

Paul craves the attention his parents never showered upon him, but since he has no personality and no marketable skills, he decided to obtain very visible and very ridiculous tattoos. The cops at the Tulsa station are still laughing their asses off.

The 26-year-old Oklahoman and a female acquaintance were arrested Saturday night and charged with robbing a man the prior afternoon.

Terry and Sonja Moro, 29, robbed Moro’s ex-boyfriend inside the victim’s Tulsa home. The man told investigators that he thought the male robber’s name was Terry, adding that the suspect had identifiable tattoos on his face.

As seen in the above mug shot, along with devil’s horns on his forehead, Terry has “F**K COPS” inked over his eyebrows.

I wonder if this was a chicken-or-the-egg scenario? Did Terry purchase his ink after being arrested by the f**king cops, or did his life of crime begin after he got the ink? The mind reels.

Oh, as an aside, it is my personal opinion that visible tattoos are pretty trashy, but much more so on a woman. Just my $0.02.

9 thoughts on “The Devil Made Him Do It

  1. Cathy – I think the tats look great with his cheesy, white-guy porn ‘stache.

    August – I know a lot of women have them, and that’s fine – for them. I think it makes a lot of them look trashy, and they never take into account what they’ll look like when they’re 70.

    RG – I suspect she says the kid is adopted… or died during childbirth.


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