Hot For Teacher

Haeli Wey

Meet Haeli Noelle Wey; a woman who must have the most commonly misspelled name in American history. Haeli is not only crazy-stupid fine, but she is also responsible for molding young minds. I assume she does the molding with her lesson plans and her va-jay-jay.

Haeli Noelle Wey, 28, had been communicating with one of the victims through social media since the beginning of the current school year. The arrest affidavit listed a series of texts between Wey and the victim that alleged she invited the victim on a hike then asked him to delete the conversation from his phone.

The alleged incident with the second student occurred during the summer. The affidavit reportedly states that Wey invited the victim to her home, where they had sex. The alleged relationship lasted several months and authorities were notified after the victim told their parents. (H/TAOSHQ)

I am always amazed by two things. First, how scorching hot these borderline pedo teachers always are, and second, how quickly these “victims” run to their parents afterward. Hey jackass, just because you’re tired of tappin’ dat ace, why would you ruin it for everyone else?

My Spanish teacher in high school was Miss Dwyer. She was probably in her mid-20’s when she taught me, and every time I walked into her room you could actually hear me get hard. I literally would have given my right arm to bang her, and if I ever had the opportunity, I would have taken that secret to the grave. I mean, I would smile every moment of every day, but I would say nothing.

As far as these idiot teenagers are concerned, I’d like to quote Samuel L. Jackson from Pulp Fiction, “Vincent, shut the f**k up!”

10 thoughts on “Hot For Teacher

  1. I had some of these hot teachers too, back in the late ’60s, but none of them were banging my ugly butt. Some of them were getting high with the potheads though, then cancelling class because they were too high to teach.


  2. RG – While eating his curds and wey?

    L-Frame – That’s the only way a hot teacher – or any hot woman – would bang me. Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs.


  3. I agree. Some of you will think I’m full of shit and I made this up, you’re all entitled to your opinion, I suppose, but this all actually happened… I was a teenager around the time Van Halen’s song “Hot For Teacher” was a hot radio hit, (The 80’s were awesome!!) and I was hot for all my female High School teachers! I couldn’t help it, they were all good looking women in one way or another, and I made every effort to be in their good graces. You name it, get good grades, help at school activities, even help them around in their own houses by doing some chores, etc, I did it all. Somehow I managed to be in the right place at the right time, several times, and got lucky with a few of them, at different times if course. Hell, I even was allowed to take pictures and make videos (which to this day still exist, only now they’re kept in a safebox in a password protected, external harddrive, and have never been seen by anyone except myself and those ladies), I always kept my mouth shut, and no one ever knew better back when it was happening or even now, ’cause even by me sharing this here, which is the closest I’ll ever come to telling, and will never give any other details, both myself and them remain anonymous. Some of those women married and have families, some are divorced or never married, we’re all still friends even if we seldom or never see each other anymore. And I would never betray their trust by telling anyone, let alone brag about it with the other guys in school, as that would have made everyone’s life miserable. Being able to keep it to yourself, appreciating how privileged some women make you through life, and respecting their right to privacy by keeping it secret (which earns you their respect, and could later in life, under the right circumstances make you lucky with them again) is high among the things that separate the MEN from the Stupid Little Boys.


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