In The Driver’s Seat

Adam Driver Kylo Ren

I apologize if you’re sick of seeing posts about Star Wars, but this one is especially significant. Adam Driver, the actor who plays villain Kylo Ren, is not your usual selfish, egotistical actor.

After stints selling vacuums door-to-door and other odd jobs, Driver was among the first to go see a Marine Corps recruiter after the Sept. 11 attacks, signing up for the infantry.

After boot camp and joining his unit at Camp Pendleton, California, Driver became an 81mm mortar man assigned to the weapons platoon with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines. As his unit trained for war, Driver says he got exactly what he was looking for.

And then came the mountain-biking accident. One bad turn and his sternum was shattered. He fought to stay in, but after less than three years in uniform, Lance Cpl. Driver was forced out with a medical discharge, just as his unit was preparing to deploy downrange.

“I felt like I hadn’t completed my four years. That always kind of bothers me,” he says. More than anything, he felt like he’d let himself and his buddies down.

Much respect, man. This definitely makes up for you starring alongside bloated moonbat actress Lena Dunham in “Girls.” Seriously, she is just the worst kind of person.

6 thoughts on “In The Driver’s Seat

  1. Thank you Wyatt for your patriotism and respect for our military. It’s always nice to be reminded of those willing to serve and the sacrifices they are willing to make. Hollywood needs more Marines and less privileged liberals.
    My 18 year old son has committed to the Marine Corps and will leave for MCRD this summer. I’m proud of the young man he has become. While my emotions are all over the place as he prepares to leave the nest, I am honored and moved by his choice to serve.

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  2. What a great post! It warms my heart to see these many examples of persons who truly love and honor this nation. I hope Mr. Driver has a long and profitable career ahead of him.

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  3. Kari – You should be proud of him. He’s turning into a fine young man.

    Metoo – Agreed. And to fight to get back after his injury. Not many people would do something like that.


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