Santa, Call The Ball

NORAD Tracks SantaIt’s Christmas Eve, and regular readers know I have at least two traditional posts on this day. The first is NORAD Tracks Santa.

For those of you not in the know, NORAD Tracks Santa tracks Santa’s route in real time utilizing NORAD radar and Google Earth. His position is updated every five minutes, and even shows real “footage” of Santa flying through the different countries.

In our house, this is the best part of Christmas Eve, and it’s a family tradition.

4 thoughts on “Santa, Call The Ball

  1. Kari – You, too. We’re rivaling your temperature here. We’re in the 70’s in Philly.

    FD – We’ve been checking it all morning. Last update was Abu Dhabi.

    Metoo – Yeah, it’s a great site, and it runs all day long.


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