An Early Christmas Gift

Sexy SantaNo, it’s not the Santa babe on the left – although I would not mind unwrapping her.

The early gift is Thursday – Christmas Eve – saw our biggest hit total ever. The O.K. Corral received 900 hits yesterday, destroying the previous best of 673. And it happened on Christmas Eve. Amazing.

I know I say it often, but I wanted to thank everyone for their support these last two months. The blog is bigger and better than ever, the regulars are back, and some new friends have hopped aboard the magic snark-it ride.

I need this place. I need you guys. You’re my internet family. Please have a happy holiday, but more importantly, a safe one. Enjoy your families, friends, and/or internet entertainers this weekend.

If you’re drinking, please don’t drive. If you have the holiday blues, call, or text someone; or just send me an email. The link is in the right sidebar. I’ll get your spirits up or the session is free!

Whatever you do, make sure you get your asses back here in one piece. Thanks.

4 thoughts on “An Early Christmas Gift

  1. That has to make you happy. I am glad you put the effort you do into the blog. To be honest, I don’t see any difference from previous blog. They have all been fine. Do you know why you ar getting so many more hits? I like coming here. I like what is posted and I enjoy the commentary from fellow readers. As I’ve said before, I feel comfortable here.


  2. MelP – Jerks, plural. 🙂 And yes, it is pretty satisfying.

    Jack – I know the AT&T girl has gotten me more than a few hits, but that post was weeks ago. I think more readers are finding the blog, and I pimped it a few times on Moonbattery – a great site, by the way. It can’t possibly be because of my bubbly personality, that’s for sure.


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