Kim Possible

Kamilla OsmanKamilla Osman is a Canadian blogger whose priorities are slightly more askew than the average American pajama-wearing internet pundit. Instead of aspiring to be a prolific writer, a marketable commodity, or a lingerie model, this Canuck is trying to be Kim Kardashian’s slightly-less-aneurysm-inducing doppleganger.

A Canadian blogger who looks so similar to Kim Kardashian she’s often called her ‘twin’ has revealed she doesn’t try to copy the reality TV star – and insists she can’t see the resemblance.

Kamilla Osman, from Toronto, has the same long, dark hair and almond-shaped eyes as the 35-year-old mother-of-two, as well as her curvaceous figure. And the fashion blogger, who has 126,000 followers on Instagram, enjoys a similar beauty regime to Kim – even using a waist trainer just like the star.

Okay, I would probably do this broad a favor and slip her the pickle when no one was looking. I’m generous like that. Be that as it may, as long as she doesn’t marry an illiterate rapper, award her bombastic mother an E! television series, and name her spawn after a color or a fruit, she would still have much more to offer the planet than Kimydia Kardashian.

7 thoughts on “Kim Possible

  1. Kari – As long as her father doesn’t help a double murderer get off like Kim’s daddy did, she’s alright by me.

    August – Maybe she can be Kim’s body double the next time she wants to make a sex tape with some anonymous rapper?


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