Sunday Services

Gregory Campbell NHL

Meet Gregory Campbell. Gregory is a 32-year old center for the Columbus Blue Jackets, and arguably the toughest man in the National Hockey League.

Why do I say that? Because in 2013, a puck shattered Campbell’s fibula, and spent the next 40 seconds killing a penalty.

During the second period of last night’s Game 3 of the NHL Eastern Conference Finals, Bruins center Gregory Campbell dove to the ice to get in front of a shot taken by Penguins star Evgeni Malkin. The shot broke Campbell’s leg, specifically the right fibula. He stayed on the ice for 10 seconds, clearly in pain. Then he did something only a hockey player would do.

He got up and killed the rest of the penalty off.

He did this for the next 40 seconds. On a broken leg. Let me just repeat that for everybody. ON A BROKEN LEG.

You can see the video of Campbell playing on a broken leg at the link. It’s amazeballs.

And of course, there are more photos below the fold.

Campbell may not be the prettiest player in the NHL, but some women think toughness is sexy.

Gregory Campbell Stanley Cup

And shirtlessness helps, too.

Gregory Campbell Cycling

8 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. To be fair, the fibula IS just the supporting bone to the tibia. 😉

    But that is impressive. I’d like to see a soccer player do that instead of diving.


    1. I want you to make sure they’re all happy. That said, this guy doesn’t hold a candle to Morena. The ladies might disagree though.


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