Source: Philly Police Still Targeted

Shooting Of Police Officer Hartnett

The Philadelphia Police Department received an anonymous tip claiming “more radical” associates of the Islamist who shot Officer Jesse Hartnett are looking to shoot more police officers.

A woman approached a Philadelphia police officer anonymously Saturday night to warn that officers were in danger because three “radical” associates of confessed gunman Edward Archer’s were at large.

The PPD Counterterrorism Unit and the FBI were investigating allegations from the tipster that the man who shot Hartnett was associated with a small group of men with radical beliefs, and warned that “the threat to police is not over.”

Specifically, she said there were three other men, more “radical” in their beliefs than Archer.

Remember, though, Philly mayor James Kenney stated the Hartnett shooting has nothing to do with Islam, so I see no need to take extra safety precautions.

The tipster said the three men in the group “still frequent the 6100 block of Pine,” near where Hartnett was shot. She warned police to “be careful.”

The woman said Archer had attended the Masjid Mujahideen mosque on 60th Street near Pine. She contended that an imam there had “lied” when he said Archer was not associated with the mosque.

Oh, please. For that to be true, you would have to believe an imam is not above lying to protect his fellow Muslim and defend his faith against accusations from filthy infidels.

13 thoughts on “Source: Philly Police Still Targeted

  1. I saw some of this on the news. Also see that those on patrol will no longer patrol alone. I pray that you and your fellow officers stay safe. And, still no statement from our bozo in chief about the initial incident.


  2. Metoo – Orders came down yesterday. Everyone rides with a partner, and apparently, the accomplices are much worse than the original shooter. Should make for an exciting Democrat National Convention in July.

    Obama is not going to mention this, but he is having a Syrian “refugee” sit with Moochelle during the SOTU Address.


  3. Sully – Always. I don’t trust anyone as it is, so anyone approaching me will be severely scrutinized. Plus, I’m always armed now, so they better be prepared for a fight.


    1. “Rule number nine:”
      Gibbs & Kate (in unison): “Never go anywhere without a knife.”

      And someone once said that if you need to carry a gun, you probably need two. John Wu, I think it was.

      Stay safe


  4. I cant comment, it would implicate me more then I want. I wish you knew how this eats at me. I may not like some of the petty stuff officers do but trust me this makes me understand it all.


  5. Edward – Still, as far as we can tell, Hartnett was stopped at the corner and attacked for no real reason. Not like terrorists need a reason, but it wasn’t a car stop or a ped stop. Hartnett never had any contact with this assclown beforehand.

    FD – Doing my best.


  6. Roll safe, friend. Prayers offered for continued safety for you and your colleagues… even the idiots you sometimes excoriate (a 50-cent word for tearing a new one).


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