The Hate Of The Union

Barack Obama Smug

The “president” will be holding his final State of the Union speech tonight, and he intends to give the country a big middle finger.

Obama will be talking about himself, not asking Congress for a long list of items he knows he’ll never get.

Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address a week after bypassing Congress by using his executive authority to expand gun rules. He could use the speech to highlight other issues on his agenda that he’ll address without the help of Congress, like Guantanamo Bay, echoing previous executive actions on everything from immigration, carbon dioxide emissions and re-starting diplomatic relationship with Cuba.

In an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough signaled that Obama will pit the American people, watching on television, against Congress, his in-person audience, and its members’ donors.

The man whose 2008 political ads claimed “just knows how to bring people together” is going to pit the American people against politicians who have the audacity to disagree with him. Ironically, Obama will then hit the campaign trail to lament the inability of the country to come together and work toward a common goal.

Barack Obama. Uniter. Community organizer. The most divisive president in American history.

19 thoughts on “The Hate Of The Union

  1. I would rather sit and pick my nose than watch one more minute of this idiot from his bully pulpit. I am certain he will delight in that fact that he has all but brought this once great nation to it’s knees.


  2. Nemonada – From what I read and gathered, Obama was just reiterating existing laws, but trying to convince the zombies these were brand, spanking new. He blathered on about tightening background checks, and such, but nothing in writing yet.


  3. I like the way Jim thinks, i.e. it’s his last SOTU. And I never stopped referring to El Presidente as The Discount Messiah, it just never caught on. Oh, well, my lib GF will watch and cheer, no matter what the man says. I’ll sit and sip cheap anisette and listen to Luxuria Radio on the computer.
    Stay safe


  4. Jim – It’s a shame we weren’t at the end of Mitt Romney’s first term. The damage this feckless spunkwagon has done to this country may never be overcome.

    Lergnom – I have work in the morning, so I’ll be going to bed by 9:30. I assume I won’t be missing anything important. Besides, he won’t bother to mention the ten American sailors Iran is holding hostage right now, so what’s the point?


  5. So his gun speech was to say that he was going to enforce existing laws. I guess our Constitutional scholar doesn’t realize as head of the executive branch it was his job to enforce them all along.


  6. Ingineer – The Con-stipi-tution is a tough read, dontchaknow? It’s chock full of microaggressions and rantings of old white guys.

    MelP – Maybe someone should have given him tips on what to do once you are elected, because he failed miserably in almost every possible way.

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