Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Kyle In Goal

Today is my oldest son’s 15th birthday. Kyle has always been an outgoing, personable kid who makes friends easily. A self-proclaimed dork, he has a “crew” of nerdy friends, but also a decent amount of pals from the “cool” clique. Thankfully, there is no girlfriend in the picture yet.

Like most boys, he enjoys playing sports and video games. I usually have to fight him for the computer or the PS4, but when he isn’t riding his bike, he is doing tricks on his scooter. It’s nice that he is more of an outdoor kid than an indoor one – all my kids are. Too many of his friends stay inside an play video games all day.

Kyle landed all honors classes in high school, and while it is not easy, his grades are okay. Not spectacular, but okay. I give him a little leeway because I know how hard he is working, but he knows some grades need to be improved.

Kyle’s birthday dinner will be pancakes – natch – and he wants a new helmet for his scooter. He’ll be getting it. As an added birthday bonus, the high school lacrosse meeting is after school today. Lacrosse is all he has been thinking about since September.

Happy birthday, Kyle. We love you.

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kyle!

  1. Thanks, everyone! Kyle got a Steam card – for online video games – and a new helmet for his scooter… which he will immediately cover in skate shop stickers.


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