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Dr Frank N FurterThere are few groups in America which are afforded more rights and privileges than illegal immigrants. The people whose first action upon arriving here is violating U.S. law are more protected and more catered to than lifelong citizens.

Exemption from deportation, driver’s license and various other free sh*t is no longer enough. Now the want to be exempt from searches.

Illegal immigrant women being detained at a California jail say they are being “humiliated” by strip-searches, particularly in cases involving transgender detainees, and have filed a complaint demanding federal officials put a stop to it.

You know what else is humiliating? Explaining the murder of a prison guard by a transvestite who had a weapon taped between his/her butt cheeks.

The complaint, sent Monday to the Santa Ana City Jail and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which contracts with the jail to hold illegal immigrants, is the latest step in an escalating push by immigrant rights advocates to try to end the detention of women and children in the country illegally and, in the meantime, to alleviate conditions at the facilities.

Did I sleep through the “rights of illegal immigrants” portion of Poli-Sci?

Why yes, let’s let the illegals roam free. What’s the worst that could happen? (Kate Steinle unavailable for comment.) This “women and children” nonsense is exactly that; nonsense. This ain’t the Titanic, brah, and women and children have committed atrocious crimes. Releasing them into the wild will only lead to disaster.

8 thoughts on “In Search Of…

  1. Easy way to stop this nonsense. Every idiot that wants them here has to agree in writing that they will be 100% responsible for the illegals. The idiots are responsible for clothing, food & education AND the illegals will live under the same roof as the idiots. They are also financially responsible for any & all crimes committed by their illegals.


  2. Mushdogs – Apparently these folks think it’s Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

    MelP – If they want to be advocates, start by taking them into their homes.


  3. Eye roll…that’s all I’ve got on this subject because if I start I’ll probably offend some criminal that feels they are entitled to the political correctness our society has used to oppress its citizens.


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