Caption Contest Winners

Missile Transport

The Second Amendment FTW Caption Contest has now concluded.

Top Five Entries:
5. Hillary’s vibrator is finally being delivered. – MelP
4. This is the home defense model, the one used for hunting is 25 feet longer. – Dalek
3. Bob the truck driver was glad the holidays were over. If he heard one more “Missile Tow” joke he was going to go ballistic. – Jim
2. Floyd was very ‘liberal’ in his interpretation of “open carry”. – Proof

WINNER!“Since the state of New York banned the sale and possession of high capacity magazines, I’ve decided to upgrade to something with more stopping power.” – John D.

7 thoughts on “Caption Contest Winners

          1. I hope one of your lib trolls read this & their widdle brains explode. That way, we can find out if it’s true that when a libs head explodes, a devil gets it’s horns.


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