NAACP Head Gives Group A Black Eye

Don Harris Arizona NAACPMeet Don Harris, the president of Maricopa County, Arizona’s NAACP chapter.

Wait, what? A white guy is in charge of Arizona’s NAACP? Um, okay.

Anyway, the white head of the NAACP demands respect for his non-white representatives, but is curiously lacking in respect for others.

Don Harris finished an event at Tempe Union High School District to discuss an incident in which several girls wore black t-shirts bearing the letters “N-I-*-*-E-R” on them. Harris was on hand to accept apologizes and demand action. But after the meeting, while participants were speaking with the media, he was caught on camera saying Channel 12 reporter Monique Griego had “nice tits.”

“I can’t believe that someone in his position would not understand how inappropriate that comment was at the time that he made it,” says Ray Stern, a reporter for the Phoenix New Times, who was talking to Griego at the time. “Here’s the leader of the NAACP talking about the N-word and then making this comment, that was more inappropriate than I could even believe.”

But wait, there’s more. Harris gave the prototypical non-apology apology, but with a twist.

The New Times contacted Harris after that incident and reports the NAACP leader said, “I apologize if anyone was offended. I could have said nothing . . . I’m really f*cking sorry.” (H/T – Alan)

Why would anyone be offended by Harris blurting out “nice tits” on live TV? Similarly, why would anyone be offended by him dropping an F-bomb? The jackassery which usually surrounds NAACP “leaders” never ceases to amaze me.

Oh, and for the record, Harris has a point.

Monique Griego

Why do I have the sudden urge to purchase a motorboat?

10 thoughts on “NAACP Head Gives Group A Black Eye

  1. MelP – Well, he can’t be blamed because he’s black. Oh wait…

    Metoo – He’s a sorry excuse for an NAACP rep, but otherwise, you’re correct.

    August – Why do you think I posted the photo? Oink, oink!


  2. This is just another case of these bleeding heart libs treating truth (‘nice tits’) as hate speech. I must applaud the NAACP for its promotion of true diversity in its hiring practices. Think of this as just an exercise in multi-culturalism: white guy hired by black organization complimenting Latino boobs-’nuff said.


  3. If a White is going front for the NAACP he has to adopt the Black culture. Hence, his sexism was just that; he was merely behaving as most Black males would.


  4. Jack – Maybe Harris thinks he’s black on the inside? You know, like how I think I am attractive on the inside.

    Doc – I wonder if the members thing Harris is an Affirmative Action hire?

    Jonolan – Well, Hillary Clinton tries to adopt it when she is pandering to Southern audiences, so…


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