Sunday Services

Ryan Reynolds Shirtless

This week’s subject is a timely one. Ryan Reynolds is starring in Deadpool, which opened Friday, and the actor has been named “Sexiest Dad Alive” by People magazine. I finished a respectable fourth.

Happy Valentine’s Day, ladies. There are more photos below the fold.

I’m a fan of Reynolds, and most of his films are entertaining. I am definitely seeing Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds Beard

I am also sure you ladies could wash your clothes on Ryan’s abs.

Ryan Reynolds

I mean, not that you would.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Services

  1. Originally, DeadPool was expected to make between 50 – 60 million. According to a movie site, it’s hit $135 mil & they figure it’ll be over $150 mil by the time the long weekend is over.

    Oh, and congrats for being in the top 5, Wyatt.


    1. Mt cousin saw it today and said it was amazing. He’s a Deadpool fanboy, but said it was better than he could imagine. Reynolds is perfect for the role, IMO.


  2. Little too ‘pretty boy’ for me but not bad.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Deadpool as well, we’ll foist the little one off on some family when we get down south.


  3. If you think I am going to waste those abs doing laundry…….you don’t know women very well. I will be “otherwise occupied” for a bit.


    1. Definitely. She’s gone back to waking every 1 1/2 to 2 hours at night. A lady from church came over this morning to watch her so we could catch a nap. Apparently we both looked pretty tired this weekend!


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