Just What The Doctor Ordered

Betty Gilpin

This has been one hell of a week. A cellulitis attack, the car battery dying at work, and another clusterfrak which I’ll blog about later. In short, I need a release – phrasing – and it comes – phrasing – in the form of actress Betty Gilpin. Gilpin, 29, has landed roles in Nurse Jackie, Fringe, and Elementary.

Rob in Katy turned me on to Betty this week after sending me THIS PHOTO – it’s from those a-holes at Getty, so I am only posting the link here. Needless to say, she has curves in all the right places.

Since I am a very shallow man, there are more pics below the fold.

I have no idea if Gilpin is a serviceable actress or not – nor do I care – but she appears to be a very serviceable boink doll for yours truly. (Are you allowed to write “boink” on the internet?)

Actress Betty Gilpin

My only issue with her is she does not seem to come – phrasing – in a redhead model. Oh well, I’d still give her the best 45 seconds of her life.

I would say I’d be in my bunk, but sadly, I already finished. *sad trombone*

7 thoughts on “Just What The Doctor Ordered

  1. Being shallow has its strengths!
    Ut oh Getty didnt like you, Hmm guess I wont post any of them Getty pics here that I have stashed away. Ill just use the links like I have in the past.


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