One Man Gang

Chuck Schumer, Marco Rubio, Jeff Flake, John McCainThis week, Florida Senator Marco Rubio claimed his Gang of 8 immigration bill “never intended to become law.” It was, in his words, to be sent to the Republican Congress to be improved.

Um, okay?

Marco Rubio on Monday insisted the immigration reform bill he helped spearhead through the Senate was never intended to become law and that the authors of the bill expected conservatives in the House to make it “even better.”

“The Senate immigration law was not headed towards becoming law,” he told a questioner in Rock Hill, S.C. “Ideally it was headed towards the House, where conservative members of the House were going to make it even better.”

Full disclosure: I am not a Marco Rubio fan, and have not been since this Gang of 8 nonsense. If he is the GOP nominee, I will hold my nose and vote for him.

That said, does anyone, anywhere actually believe this excuse? Why would a politician work day and night to craft legislation that will never become law? It doesn’t make any sense, especially if it’s a bill which will not endear the politician to his base.

Maybe I’m jaded – well, I am jaded – but I don’t believe Rubio on this. Not for a moment.

10 thoughts on “One Man Gang

  1. The two people I liked, who I thought might stand a chance of getting elected, Rubio and Cruz both ended up being (as the Donald would say) HUGE liars. I have yet to find a politician I feel I can trust to tell me the truth and not blow smoke up my skirt. Another disappointing election season for this girl.

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  2. Metoo – I’ve made peace with the fact all politicians are liars, so the only thing I can hang my hat on is who I find the most conservative candidate. For me, it’s Cruz, but it seems more and more like Trump will take the nomination and be facing off against Hillary Clinton. Hooray.


    1. I honestly don’t get the whole Trump thing. Any ideas? I just don’t see anything “presidential” about him and he certainly isn’t diplomatic in the least.


      1. In my opinion, he is the embodiment of the anger Republicans feel toward the GOP. He is not a part of the establishment, and he says a lot of the things people are thinking. He is also charismatic, and that helps. I would probably vote for him in a general, but I honestly don’t think he could win.


  3. Oh, and this entire debacle is the fault of the GOP establishment. I am done with establishment candidates, and someone like Bush would never, ever get my vote. If you want to be pissed about the state of the GOP, don’t blame trump. Blame people like Boehner, McConnell, and Paul Ryan.

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  4. Wyatt: Obviously great minds think alike. They (The candidates) are all talking out of both sides of their mouths, and Trump is only an embodiment of our anger towards the GOP establishment, and they have yet to see it. They will just not listen to us, despite the fact that the rank and file of the GOP are not sending them contributions. Reince Priebus (God, how did he even live through grade school with that name) just doesn’t get it. Boehner still doesn’t get it. McConnell thinks his world view is held by everyone. And with the upcoming Demonrat victory, we are royally screwed for another Presidential term. This entire election cycle has been nothing but wasted dollars, so far, with nothing accomplished.

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  5. Yeah, this doesn’t exactly pass the smell test!
    On a related note, I was once part of a one man gang! At bank robberies, I was the getaway driver. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent behind the wheel in bank parking lots waiting for something to happen!


  6. Doc – Agreed. We’re looking at another eight years of Democrat rule, and this country cannot survive that. But look at the bright side, Kasich is still in, and awful candidates like Scott Walker and Rick Perry are out. /sarc

    Mike – Rosie O’Donnell is her own one man gang. What? She’s a good dude.


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