Fifteen Years Today

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt, Sr., one of the greatest drivers in NASCAR history, died fifteen years ago today.

NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr., known as The Intimidator for his aggressive racing style, died 15 years ago today on the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500.

Earnhardt, 49, died when his car slammed into a wall on the final lap of the race. An autopsy determined he died of a basal skull fracture.

Kyle was just a month old at the time, and he watched the race with me from his Dale Earnhardt bouncy seat. I saw the wreck and figured Dale was okay, because the crash looked minor. I took a nap afterward because I had to work the overnight shift, and when Mrs. Earp woke me up, she told me Dale died. I couldn’t believe it. It was a tremendous loss to NASCAR and the racing community as a whole.

Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was truly one of the greats, and he is still missed by many NASCAR fans.

7 thoughts on “Fifteen Years Today

  1. I was not much of a NASCAR fan back then, but for some reason I watched this race beginning to end. I couldn’t believe it that he was killed in the wreck. Like you said it didn’t look that bad. The weird part that just hit me after reading this is I am 49 for another week.


  2. Gordon will be missed for sure, but I like the new kids. Kyle Larson who is nearly a local boy in these parts and Chase Elliott are going to do well.


  3. Never was a NASCAR fan, until this last year my son-in-law gave me a 10 lap NASCAR experience at the Dale Jarrett racing experience at Talladega. This was the most profound experience of my life. A Navy Seal in our group said it was the most adrenalin producing thing he’d ever done. My golf buddy Darrell Waltrip is now my hero. Until you’ve driven 169 mph and passed other cars at that speed, you have no appreciation for what it takes to even be on that track, especially at 200+ mph, six inches apart! You want a life changing experience, try running Talladega at 160+ mph!


  4. Doc – I am utterly and completely jealous. We promised Kyle he could do a ride-along at Pocono or Dover is his grades are 90 and above. The offer is good throughout high school.

    And you golf with DW? Completely jelly!


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