Doctor Feelgood

Salma Hayek Nude T-ShirtSalma Hayek suffered a head injury while filming a new – most likely straight-to-video – movie, and was rushed to the hospital in the greatest t-shirt of all time.

“I had to be rushed from the set to the ER for a minor head injury,” she wrote. “Unfortunately my wardrobe for the scene was completely inappropriate for the hospital.”

The wardrobe in question is a shirt that makes her look topless. In the Instagram picture, Hayek looks a little uncomfortable while covering up the shirt as best as she can.

If the doctors had any sense of humor, they would have taken the photos while standing alone behind Salma. *sigh* No one thinks on their feet anymore.

7 thoughts on “Doctor Feelgood

  1. After the 43rd medical student came in to do a breast exam, Ms Hayek figured something was funny, but she was enjoying it so much she just smiled and put her t-shirt back on.


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