Philadelphia Police Officer Fired Upon

Frankford Shooting

A Philadelphia Police narcotics officer was fired upon while conducting an investigation in the city’s Frankford section. The officer was not hurt.

One bullet struck the front bumper of the vehicle shortly after 7 p.m. in the 5300 block of Hedge Street, said Chief Inspector Scott Small. The bullet pierced the front grill and hit the radiator.

The officer was driving alone on Hedge Street when he saw three or four males with a gun, “and they fired shots right at the police car,” Small said.

The officer, who did not return fire, got out of his vehicle and chased the males, apprehending one, Small said. A second was caught in the neighborhood.

Ho hum, nothing to see here. Just another thug shooting at a police officer. It bears noting five shell casings were recovered by the officer’s vehicle, which says this was not a random warning shot. The toad wanted to hit his target.

3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Police Officer Fired Upon

  1. I am glad the officer was not hurt. I really wish he could have gotten at least one shot off & hit the toad in the ass. Oops. My bad. Riots might erupt in Philly if that happened.


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