Pie, Robot

Chinese Robot WaiterChina has introduced the world’s first robot waiter. The move is sure to send “aspiring actors” and professional students to their safe spaces.

One restaurant in China is swapping a human waiter for a 140cm-tall robot counterpart. Using a battery, the robot is capable of serving diners at a restaurant in Shenyang, capital city of China’s Liaoning Province, for up to eight hours.

The robot takes customers their food and drinks and, thanks to a mix of sensors and navigation hardware, is able to avoid spilling anything. It can carry up to 7kg of food or drink at one time and, better yet, doesn’t require wages – or even a tip.

While all that may be true, I guarantee the waiter comes off with a snotty attitude. Worse still, when you send your food back, the droid instantly transforms into C-3P Into Your Food.

6 thoughts on “Pie, Robot

  1. Yeah, let’s raise the minimum wage until we stimulate the development of robotic substitution for all those mindless jobs and put all those folks vying for entry level jobs out of work. Every time I run into one of the hostile minority types at the McDonald’s counter, I just can’t wait until the robots take over those positions.


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