Getting Down To Brass Tax

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

Philadelphia elected yet another libtard mayor last November, and Jim *hic* Kenney is doing his level best to out-jackass New York’s Michael Bloomberg.

A chorus has emerged among those skeptical of Mayor Kenney’s plan to tax soda in Philadelphia: Why single out one industry?

“How about doughnuts? Things like that?” former Gov. Ed Rendell, the most recent to raise the point, said last week. “I’m a big consumer of Dunkin’ Donuts, but why are they exempt?”

And like clockwork, Philadelphia’s second largest jackass chimes in. Democrats: is there anything they won’t tax? Hey douche canoe, shut your pie hole before you give Kenney more ideas.

The argument of taxing for health reasons fell flat here in 2010 when Mayor Michael Nutter pitched a soda tax as a way to combat obesity. Kenney has made little of the potential health benefits of his proposed 3-cents-per-ounce tax, focusing instead on what it would fund: universal prekindergarten, improvements to parks and recreation centers, and community schools.

So Kenney plans to throw the money away. Only five states spend more on education than Pennsylvania, and PA ranks 13th in per-student spending, but yes, let’s implement a soda tax to funnel even more money to a broken education system. That’ll fix our struggling schools!

What Kenney won’t tax is the sugar found in beer and liquor, because *hic* reasons.

5 thoughts on “Getting Down To Brass Tax

  1. Is it just me…..I find a majority of democratic office holders butt ugly. Don’t get me wrong, the GOP has some homely people in office, too. However, throw all the dems in one group and the GOPs in the other and see which causes the photographer to gag more.


  2. Metoo – It is especially true with female politicians. Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Rosa DeLauro cannot hold a candle to Sarah Palin, Kristy Noem, and Nikki Haley.


    1. Nancy Pelosi-Galore has had so much done to her face that neither horn-dog (Bill and/or Tailgunner Joe) would hit it!


  3. The politicians have done such a great job of managing education dollars so we should have no problem giving them more money for new programs. Yeah that’s the ticket.


  4. Ingineer66 – Philadelphia, especially, completely mismanages its state funds, then the teacher’s union cries foul and blames the first Republican they can find. It is utterly and completely ridiculous, but the teachers still believe it’s state screwing them, not the city.


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