Spilling The (Jelly) Beans

Easter Candy Truck Crash On Route 100When you have the right connections, it’s easy to save money on food purchases. In fact, I saved a ton of cash on Easter candy this year after a firefighter friend hooked me up.

The accident happened shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday on Route 100 at County Line Road in Douglass Township, Montgomery County, just outside Boyertown.

A box truck and minivan collided at the intersection. The impact of the crash caused the passenger side of the truck to split open, allowing for some of the three to five tons of Easter treats the truck was hauling to spill onto the roadway.

One of the firefighters claimed the candy was “contaminated” by diesel fuel, but my kids couldn’t tell the difference. They have been complaining of double vision, but it’s probably nothing.

2 thoughts on “Spilling The (Jelly) Beans

  1. My nephew and his family came home from church to find the sun had melted all the chocolate candy they had left on the kitchen table in the sunlight. He said they just grabbed some spoons out of the drawer and carried on. Tasted great and the minimum chewing required.


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