Rolling Thunder

Hirotada OtotakeMeet Hirotada Ototake.

Hirotada is an accomplished Japanese author who happened to be born without arms and legs. You wouldn’t think he’d be the type of guy involved in man-whoring, but you would be mistaken.

Hirotada Ototake, a noted author born without arms and legs, has issued an apology on his Web site following revelations appearing in a tabloid magazine that he engaged in extra-marital affairs with multiple women.

The March 31 issue of Shukan Shincho, which hit newsstands on Thursday, says that Ototake visited Paris and Tunisia with a woman in her late 20s in December of last year. The pair shared the same hotel room, according to the report.

When confronted by the magazine, Otake admitted to the allegations. “There were sexual relations,” he is quoted by the magazine. “It does not matter if I have to recognize adultery.” He also confessed to having had five mistresses while married. (H/TAOSHQ)

Hear that guys? A man with no arms and no legs was juggling five – FIVE! – mistresses. This dude makes Bill Clinton look like a f**king piker.

7 thoughts on “Rolling Thunder

  1. Metoo – It’s probably longer than all the digits of Pi.

    Cathy – Yeah, he’s livin’ the dream!

    Proof – People are scared of him, but believe me, he’s ‘armless.


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