Make Way For The Grammer Polise

Grammar PoliceA University of Michigan study confirms what you guys already know about me: I’m an honest to goodness a-hole.

According to a study at the University of Michigan people who are more sensitive to written typos and grammatical errors are indeed the kinds of ‘Type A assholes’ everyone already suspects them to be.

Researchers gathered 83 people and had them read emails that either contained typos (“mkae” or “abuot”), grammar errors (to/too, it’s/its or your/you’re), or no spelling mistakes at all. Participants were asked at the end of the experiment whether or not they’d spotted any grammatical errors or typos in the emails, and, if so, how much it had bothered them.

People who tested as being more conscientious but less open were more sensitive to typos, while those with less agreeable personalities got more upset by grammatical errors.

Yeah, guilty as charged. Someone please send me to Federal A-hole Prison, because grammatical mistakes make me crazy. I can’t help it. I’m obsessive-compulsive with a pinch of anal-retentiveness, and a heaping helping of sarcasm.

I guess that’s why no one ever came to my birthday party. *sobs*

13 thoughts on “Make Way For The Grammer Polise

  1. Wyatt,
    I have to agree with you on this one, although I cut a poster more slack than an author/journalist. If you are getting paid to write English, please do it correctly.
    If you look at my review of “Only Son”, you will see I did NOT ding you for grammar/spelling. If you look at my other reviews, especially of indie books, you will see I tend to slam authors for spelling/grammar mistakes, and especially for story line faults.

    L-Frame S&W


  2. L-Frame – I actually give writers a little slack, at least for typos. I went over Only Son dozens of times, and there were still a few mistakes after the editor went through it. I give post comments free reign, and will only make a correction if it sorely needs it.

    John – You and me both.

    Jack – You’re good here, so no worries.


  3. Typos can drive me crazy if I let them. What will drive me crazy is people who use “let me ax you a question”, “Im fixin to”. Speak English Dammit!


  4. The biggest a-hole of them all is the Microsoft programs that tell you half (half for gawd’s sake!!!) of a work you’ve typed is misspelled, but the other half is fine. And don’t even get me started on our e-mail program.


  5. I’m the same way, mistakes like that make me seriously twitchy. Especially on signs, businesses really should proof read better.


  6. I can’t stand grammar or spelling mistakes, nothing makes my skin crawl faster. Here’s one that particularly gets on my every last nerve…dose when a certain someone means does. For crying out loud does is a kindergarten sight word and perhaps this particular person needs another dose of medication to fix more than grammar issues. Ahhhh that felt good!


  7. I am right there with you, Wyatt. How on earth are these idiots going to understand sarcasm if they have trouble with to, two, too, there, their, they’re? Also makes me wonder what kids are being taught these days.


  8. Cathy – In Philly, “jawn” is an inner city catch-all. “Yo, you gonna wear that jawn?” It’s like living on Mars.

    MelP – WordPress has a decent spell check. For a while it refused to recognize Barack Obama’s name.

    Jenn – Oh, most definitely.

    Proof – Grammar Nazis Anonymous.

    Kari – Maybe they need a “does” of medication, and a “dose” of education?

    Metoo – Last week, I had a their/they’re moment, but I caught myself before I hit the publish button.


  9. So I’m a jerk for being bothered by others’ stupidity and/or laziness? I correct people’s grammar to help them!

    However… I know bait when I see it.

    Grammer indeed.


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