FL Woman Slips Through The Cracks

Tiffany Flores Mug ShotMeet Tiffany Flores of Flori-duh. (Of course.) Tiffany spends her time dabbling in pharmaceuticals, and since she obviously cannot afford to buy the crack she smokes, she rents out storage space… in her nether-regions.

Upon arriving at the jail, Flores claimed she could not go through a scanner since she was pregnant. But after a pregnancy test showed negative results, “jail staff processed Flores through the body scanner.” That is when officers noticed a “foreign object located inside of Flores’s vaginal area.”

Flores subsequently retrieved “a clear cylindrical tube containing a burnt end” and gave it to a cop. But the crack pipe was not hers, explained Flores, who said that the item was owned by a female friend who was driving the car that had been pulled over.

Flores claimed that her pal “threw the crack pipe on her lap” and asked her to hide the item. “Flores then hid it inside of her vagina in an attempt to avoid a search.”

A subsequent search of Tiffany’s cooter revealed a few fish heads, a Louisiana license plate, and a Japanese soldier who hasn’t realized the war is over yet.

10 thoughts on “FL Woman Slips Through The Cracks

  1. Kari – I’m sure it’s not the only “pipe” she’s hidden inside her nether-regions.

    Metoo – I wonder if the residue numbed her cooch?

    Cathy – It would have been worse if it was Tiffany with an “i.” Definite stripper name.


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