Kyle Verus Westtown

Kyle’s lacrosse team played Valley Forge Military Academy yesterday. VJMA does not have a JV team, so it was only a varsity contest. That said, all the JV players were required to attend. Kyle is a swing player. He made both the varsity and JV teams, but had not suited for a varsity game yet.

VFMA is a decent team, but they were shorthanded yesterday. Our guys came out strong, and after the first quarter, we were up by a score of 8-1. Before the start of the second quarter, the head coach turned to Kyle and asked, “Do you have your equipment with you?”

Both Kyle and I looked at the coach and thought, “Are you serious?”

Kyle said yes, the coach gave him the keys to the locker room and he sprinted toward it. As if reading my thoughts, the coach turned to me and said, “I told you he was going to get some varsity time.”

Kyle sprinted back to the field, and I stopped him before he approached the coach. I said, “This is your audition. You’re a freshman playing in your first varsity game. Be aggressive, go full speed, and make an impression.” He nodded his head and walked to the coach, who put him on the third midfield line.

Toward the end of the second quarter, Kyle’s line was up. We intercepted a pass and advanced to the offensive zone. A midfielder came off the field, and Kyle ran on. One of our attackmen had the ball behind VFMA’s goal, and Kyle saw an open lane. He ran full speed, holding up his stick. The attacker saw Kyle and gave him a picture-perfect pass.

Kyle caught the pass on the run, fired, and scored.

During his follow-through, Kyle was hit by a defenseman, but it was entirely worth it. The shot went in on the goaltender’s bottom left side, and his teammates mobbed him. The head coach always tells the kids to act like you’ve been there before, and Kyle was rather calm afterward. His only celebration was a fist pump.

Kyle was on the field for four seconds before scoring his first high school goal. It was an impressive debut to say the least. While Kyle didn’t make a big deal of the goal, his teammates did, and they had Kyle lead the team in the final huddle. I have never been so proud of him.

Oh, as an interesting aside, Kyle wears #13. He scored the thirteenth – and final – goal of the day. Father Judge won the game by a score of 13-1.

8 thoughts on “Storybook

  1. Awesome! Way to go, Kyle!

    And Wyatt, you are quite justified in being proud of all your kids. Some day they will appreciate your guidance and being a role model.


  2. TXNick – Not bloody likely. 🙂 Kyle suited for varsity again today, but didn’t play much. The varsity won 12-1, and the JV won 8-1. Kyle played well in the JV game, winning two of three faceoffs.

    E.O. – Thanks. His progress has amazed me. The head coach is terrific, and Kyle’s lacrosse IQ is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Jack – Oh definitely. It’s nice to brag about something, especially since he’s succeeding in the sport I love so much.


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