Bernie Does Dallas

Bernie Sanders Sexy

Bernie Sanders’ Facebook pages suffered premature ejection Monday night, after the sites gushed with pornographic images. There is no word if any of those images were of Sanders himself.

The three most popular Bernie Sanders fan pages were simultaneously attacked with pornographic images on Monday night, which temporarily shut down those sites on the eve of five primary contests.

Three pro-Sanders pages, including “Bernie or Bust,” “Bernie Believers” and “Bernie Sanders is my hero” were flooded with pornographic images, and were quickly removed from Facebook.

The pages are followed by a combined 250,000 supporters, and have been used since the beginning of the Vermont senator’s campaign to disseminate campaign information to supporters.

Bernie Sanders is probably wishing Hillary Clinton’s mother was “de-semenated” 68 years ago.

5 thoughts on “Bernie Does Dallas

  1. Cathy – The Sanders camp is blaming Hillary for the attack, but Facebook – who just loves them some Hildabeast – claims it was simply a “glitch.”


  2. I was going to tell you that if you ever post a pic like that again I would personally haul my arthritic old a$$ back to Philly & kick you in the nutz…however, after Alfie’s comment, your squirrel fruit is safe. Thank you for NOT showing the cackling hagatha!

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