Under Pressure

Angry Krusty The ClownYou may have noticed I have not been commenting here as often as usual, and some posts have not up to their normal brilliant standards. Part of the reason is because coaching takes up all my free time. I leave work, go right to school, and finally get home around 8pm. Part of the reason is because this has been the week from Hell – and it’s only Thursday.

I spent my Monday morning being interviewed at Internal Affairs because people are douchebags. When I returned to work afterward, the office temperature read 81 degrees. Because really, who doesn’t like to baste in their own juices until their internal thermometer – in this case, my bellybutton – pops?

Monday evening fared better, as Kyle’s lacrosse team beat George Washington by a score of 14-0…

I was home Tuesday for thirty minutes before Erik and I headed off to the Penn Relays. Between the humidity, the brutal thunderstorms, and the one hour delay, it was a stressful, tiring day. Late Tuesday night, I dropped a few soda bottles on my foot. I thought I broke toes, but so far, so good. The problem here is when I suffer any foot trauma, my cellulitis comes back. I’ll keep you advised.

Wednesday was the biggest lacrosse game of the season. We were facing Lansdale Catholic in virtually a must-win if we wanted to make the playoffs. We reminded the team of the importance of the game, and they responded… by being slaughtered by a score of 15-0. We did literally nothing right, and lost to a team we should have competed with. We still have four league games left, but to make the playoffs, we’ll need outside help.

Our JV team, however, is having a nice season. They are currently 7-3-1, while the varsity is 6-7.

Wednesday night was also Julia’s dance recital dress rehearsal. The recital is scheduled for Friday, and Kyle and I have to run there right after our lacrosse games. I have every confidence Julia will be perfect.

Julia Dress Rehearsal

And if not, she’ll still be the prettiest dancer there.

9 thoughts on “Under Pressure

  1. Suck it up Wyatt. You like coaching, love the fact that your boys are into sports and your daughter is beautiful. You are a very lucky man.


  2. Family and kids come first, so no problem. We will still make the same sarcastic comments when you do post. I agree with Alfie 100%; you are a lucky man!


  3. My own daughter wasn’t into the dance thing. She started Tae Kwon Do at the age of 8. Her “recitals” were always entertaining. She’s now the only Black belt pharmacist that I know. Now her 6 y.o. is taking TKD.


  4. I’m sure glad I’m retired. Then again, when you retire, you are the go to guy for everyone who isn’t retired, along with being the baby sitter for all your grandkids. I’m not complaining though. This is the best job I’m ever had.


  5. Metoo – It wouldn’t be my blog if it wasn’t teeming with sarcasm.

    PS – That may be where Kevin winds up. He’s not into team sports, but he is interested in martial arts.

    RG – My biggest complaint is I can’t hack the hours anymore. Coaching three hours a day – on my feet – destroys my knees and back. I love lacrosse, and love coaching, but I’m very, very old.

    Victoria – Zip it, Erie princess.


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