Harpies Harangue The Huskies

University of Washington cheerleader tryout advert.Feminists and Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) – but I repeat myself – at the University of Washington got their granny panties in a bunch after a cheerleader tryout ad highlighted – get this – a cheerleader’s typical look.

Oh, the horror!

“U-Dub” students were unloading on social media, crying to counselors and fleeing to safe spaces after the cheer team posted an infographic describing the look to strive for if you’re planning to try out for the squad. (In the routinely craven manner of all universities, the UW spirit program ordered the graphic removed and called in nine tons of smelling salts for those affected.)

The graphic was aimed only at young women seeking to be cheerleaders. Pasty-faced Womyn’s Struggles majors attending rallies in shapeless sweatshirts, and black-clad Emily Dickinson fans emoting agonized coffeehouse verse were not the target audience. It takes all kinds to make up a student body: dimpled, flirty blond girls with Southern accents and sour, achy ones who cut themselves among them.

This is why we can’t have nice things. What miserable lives these people must lead: bitterly angry, perpetually offended, and wallowing in their own righteous indignation. The thought of someone actually living their lives in a manner in which they choose literally causes these people pain and discomfort. It would be amusing if it weren’t so pathetic.

Trigger warning: There are photos of U cheerleaders below the fold, as well as a tablespoon of snark.

Ladies, that unfamiliar facial expression on the cheerleaders’ faces is called a “smile,” and the emotion being displayed here is called “happiness.”

University Of Washington Cheerleader

The movements below are called “dancing.” It is an action normal people perform when they are in a good mood.

University Of Washington Cheerleaders

Yes, I realize you act so bitchy because God didn’t love you enough to make you beautiful. That said, you may as well burn the tryout form. I mean, the Huskies are the school’s mascot, not their ideal body type for a cheerleader.

6 thoughts on “Harpies Harangue The Huskies

  1. feminazis & Super Jealous Women (SJW) all need to stay in their little safe spaces (preferably without oxygen) and leave all the normal people alone.


  2. I loved being a cheerleader in high school and my first year of college. I was much shallower and more naive then. We did do wonders for the football and basketball team’s morale!!


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