Adored Of The Dance

Julia Ballet Recital

Julia’s dance recital was held last night, and she performed both a ballet and jazz routine. The recital was held at George Washington High School, just a few minutes’ drive from our home. Unless, of course, you’re a high school lacrosse coach at the most important game of the season. Then the ride is longer.

Kyle’s team played Archbishop Carroll yesterday. Carroll is third in the league standings, and we are eighth – the last playoff spot. We assumed we would be destroyed by this team, but something amazing happened: our kids came to play.

Long story short, we led the first three quarters before giving up a seven-goal fourth in a losing effort. We’re still in possession of the last playoff spot, with three league games remaining.

Which brings us to the recital…

I told the head coach Kyle and I would be sprinting off the field after the JV and varsity games were over. The game was chippy, with lost of penalties, so the game lasted much longer than we expected. The recital began at 6pm, and the game finished a little after 7pm. I broke the American land speed record getting to the high school, but sadly, I missed her ballet routine. As we walked into the auditorium, however, Julia’s jazz group was ready to go.

Julia Jazz Recital

She was brilliant! Every move was spot-on, and while some of the other girls looked for cues offstage, Julia knew the routine perfectly. Even Kyle, still in his uniform, gave Julia a rousing applause.

I told Julia beforehand I may not make the entire recital, but when she came offstage, she found me in the back of the auditorium and gave me a huge hug. She never looked so beautiful, and I have never been so proud of her.

8 thoughts on “Adored Of The Dance

  1. Being a dad is about the best thing in the whole world. Unless, of course, it’s being a mom, which is equally as cool. Then again, being a grandpa is pretty cool too.


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