Attack Of The Groans

Snake PlisskenISIS is back, and in a welcome change of pace, they are threatening America again. This time, the goat-herders’ targets are not politicians, actors, or law enforcement. No, this time, they’re coming after Johnny Punchclock.

Hackers affiliated with ISIS posted the names of thousands of New York City residents online Sunday with the message “We want them #Dead.”

Say what you want about ISIS, but adding the hashtag to the word “dead” proves they’re “with it,” and “hip.”

The list contains home and email addresses. The “hit list” includes up to 3,600 New Yorkers. A few are State Department and Homeland Security employees, but most are regular citizens with no connection to the government.

Despite what Barack Obama says, I realize ISIS is not the JV team. I also realize slaughtering Coptic Christians and demoralized Iraqis is one thing, but taking on nearly 4,000 gun-toting New Yorkers is quite another. Go for it, ISIS. Try going after random New Yorkers. You better pack a lunch.

9 thoughts on “Attack Of The Groans

  1. Are they threatening the people of NY city, or the ones from upstate? Upstate is armed, but the only thing ISIS has to worry about in NY city is getting peed on.


  2. The hashtag worked really well at bringing back the Nigerian girls, so I guess I am safe visiting NYC this week. And from where I am currently standing in Brooklyn, I think a good number of these folks might shoot back.


  3. And if you are not a fan of guns (definitely not me) just carry a plastic bag with about a pound of bacon in it. The look on their face when you whack them upside the head with pork is worth the price of the bacon.

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  4. Ingineer – Especially in Brooklyn. “Hey, I’m shootin’ here!”

    Cathy – As Emeril always says, “Pork fat rules!”

    MelP – And as an added bonus, maybe they will slip on the grease and break their fatwa-loving neck.

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