Fly The Jiggly Skies

VietJet Air Bikini Flight AttendantsThis summer, the Earp clan will be vacationing in Arizona with Kari and her family. Mrs. Earp is making the airline reservations, but instead of Southwest, I think we should steer our business to VietJet.

A Vietnamese entrepreneur who has made a fortune by staffing an airline with women in sexy bikini attire is on her way to becoming Vietnam’s first female billionaire.

VietJet Air CEO Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao’s idea of dressing up the airline’s flight attendants with sexy outfits is about to pay off big time. The 45-year-old’s fortune is expected to balloon to $1.37 billion when the privately-owned airline goes public within the next three months.

The brilliance of the company’s campaign, which boasts the motto “Enjoy Flying!”, is further highlighted by its very effective marketing tool: steamy calendars featuring the sexy attendants. (H/TAOSHQ)

Well, one thing’s for sure; my seat wouldn’t be the only thing in the upright position. Oh, and for the record, the yummy Miss Thao could easily be a stewardess on her own airline.

4 thoughts on “Fly The Jiggly Skies

  1. And, how old is your oldest? This could always become a young man’s rite of passage. I am ready for a plane full of scantily clad Hemsworth brothers. Oh, my, I am all verklempt.


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