Arrest Me! Arrest Me!!

German Police Officer Adrienne KoleszarMeet Adrienne Koleszar.

Adrienne is arguably the hottest police officer in Dresden, Germany, if not the globe, and now she is taking Instagram by storm.

I believe an international internship would be beneficial to both our municipalities, and I hereby volunteer to show Adrienne what it’s like to be a big-city police detective.

The so-called “hottest cop” is on the beat and she’s packing muscle. Adrienne Koleszar writes on Instagram, “Yes, I am a police officer in Germany and yes, I love my job.”

The Internet is now loving Koleszar, whose Instagram of revealing fitness photos has swelled almost double to more than 157,00 followers amid a swarm of media attention in the past few days.

Trust me, that’s not the only thing which has swelled. I literally cannot stand up right now.

There are more photos below the fold…

Now see, Adirenne is loitering right there. She will need to be cuffed and strip searched for weapons.

Adrienne Koleszar

Naturally, there is a bikini shot. Deutschland Uber Boobies!

Adrienne Koleszar Bikini

If you need me, I’ll be in my bunker.

5 thoughts on “Arrest Me! Arrest Me!!

  1. UGGH! Absolutely no interest whatsoever, a woman should be soft. Getting jiggy with this woman would be like being with a guy, all muscle, ick!!

    L-Frame S&W


  2. Wyatt just asking to be worked some. To bad she would wear ya out before you even visited the first job! Your keyboard gets all the action.


  3. Ed – I don’t think I could have kept up with her when I was in college, and I was in great shape back then.

    Rob – I think her body causes the confusion. She makes me feel kinda funny.


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