Jason Corbett Is A Really Fungi

Snozzberries Super Troopers

Someone should tell Jason Corbett high, armed, and stupid is no way to go through life.

Jason Corbett went to the St. Francis Hospital ER on Sunday May 8, 2016. Officers say Corbett had an injury consistent with a gunshot to his stomach that appeared to be a graze wound. Officers then went to the 300 block of E. Maple Street in Yates City where the shooting occurred.

Corbett initially told officers he was in his garage when one or more people shot at him. Corbett says he then returned fire with his hand gun and believed he hit at least one person. Officers also say Corbett’s account of the story was inconsistent with the evidence as it pertains to the shooting. (H/T – Metoo)

The Knox County (IL) Sheriff’s Office hit Corbett’s house with a search warrant, where they found psilocybin mushrooms. That explains Corbett’s defense of “The colors, the colors, has anyone seen my good friend John?”

4 thoughts on “Jason Corbett Is A Really Fungi

  1. This could easily be one of your infamous calls. You often think the person on the other end is “trippin'”.


  2. Metoo – No, the people I deal with at work eat lead paint chips, not magic mushrooms.

    Steph – This guy makes Mike “Face Tattoo” Tyson look like an awesome decision maker.


  3. Eons ago I played with magic mushrooms but NEVER around guns. What a doofus. And he was real close to winning the Darwin Award.


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