Technical Difficulties

Office Space Printer Scene

Please stand by…

Yesterday I needed to pull up a Microsoft Word file on our desktop computer. The page wouldn’t open, because my computer is a pissy little bitch. I kept seeing an error message, but it was none I have ever seen before. Now I am normally good with computers; I kiss their necks, rub their thighs, and promise I won’t finish on their screen.

Sadly, this little bitch wasn’t falling for it. After two hours of working on the problem, I decided to reboot this whore to its factory settings. Windows 8, no Microsoft Office, and twelve hours of Carbonite backups. As of now, the computer is a very expensive paperweight, my laptop is really old, and posting via phone is more difficult than finding the G-spot.

So tomorrow may be a content-free day. I’ll try to get posts up, but until the reset is complete, all the former programs are reinstalled, and my murderous rage subsides, it may be a little quiet around these parts.


7 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. Hmm? No snark for a whole day. I can deal with that as long as you are back to your normal snarky self tomorrow.


  2. Proof – Thank you. In actuality, I am living with two herniated discs in my back. It’s oh so fun.

    Metoo – That’s the plan. I have a few posts set, but we won’t be back to normal for a little bit.

    Toothy – Thanks. It helps the kids are in school and not begging me to play video games.

    Cathy – Yeah, like your opinion matters. *Was that snarky enough for ya?* 🙂


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