God Is Dead

Susan Shin Angulo

Well, He is within the confines of the Democratic party, anyway. Spawn of Satan and 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton held a rally in New Jersey last night, and the scrote politician who introduced her recited the libtard version of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clinton stood on the stage next to Camden County Freeholder Susan Shin Angulo. The local politician was tasked with introducing the Democratic hopeful.

“Only Hillary can bring us together,” Angulo said. She then decided to recite parts of the Pledge of Allegiance to drive home her point. While doing so, she left out one part. Angulo could be heard beginning to say “under God,” but she stopped.

It is a good thing she did, because the last Democrat who mentioned God in public was crucified and his blood was painted on the doorpost of DNC headquarters.

The video is below the fold, and it is completely cringe-worthy.

6 thoughts on “God Is Dead

  1. Disgusting liberals. The fact that she thinks it is politically correct to leave “under God” out when quoting part of the pledge is beyond reason. I’m guessing there are few patriots to be found at Hilz events.


  2. Metoo – Forget politically correct. It’s factually incorrect. If you are going to quote the Pledge, do it correctly or keep your mouth shut.


  3. It will always amaze me that no matter how patriotic a democrat is they will come up with excuse for dropping “under God”. God forbid if a republican takes their American flag down incorrectly. I am related to these people and it disgusts me.


  4. Cathy – They are usually also the first ones to brag about their patriotism and their love of God in social circles, because hypocrisy.


  5. Hey, Wyatt, just to brighten your mood, I was reading on FaceBook that Kurt Russell is going to be in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film.


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