Cuomo Strikes Out

Governor Andrew Cuomo

The Hudson Valley Community College baseball team will be prohibited from participating in the national championships, thanks to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s douchetastic liberalism.

The Hudson Valley Community College baseball team will not be going to nationals because of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ban on non-essential travel to North Carolina, a state with the radical notion that bathrooms should be separated by biological identification.

Players and coaches were told by school officials that should they qualify for the nationals in North Carolina, they won’t be permitted to go, as the college is restricting non-essential travel to the state under Gov. Cuomo’s executive order.

The ban is in response to a North Carolina law that prohibits transgender people from using restrooms of the gender they associate with.

So because Cuomo’s vagina is sandy over North Carolina’s bathroom law, the HVCC baseball team is forced to suffer? Wow. It’s ironic how easily liberals can both stand up for one group’s rights while simultaneously infringing upon another’s.

6 thoughts on “Cuomo Strikes Out

  1. “It’s ironic how easily liberals can both stand up for one group’s rights while simultaneously infringing upon another’s.”

    Like everything the left does, it’s downright Orwellian. Anyone remember ANIMAL FARM? “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

    As for Cuomo, my hatred for him burns like the fire of a million suns. This douchenozzle runs around talking about raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. You know, because it’s not fair that a recent college graduate makes more than a high school dropout working at Burger King. Meanwhile, Governor Fair Wage screws state employees (five year pay freeze, anyone?) without explanation or apology. If you’re a member of one of Prince Andrew’s favored groups, he’s in your corner. If you’re not, he can throw you into a wood chipper without batting an eye.


  2. Anyone remember Carter and his boycotting the Olympics? Americans lose their freedom because a liberal is offended by something? This is crap.


  3. John – The problem is you are the wrong kind of state employee. If you were an educator, you’d be sitting pretty!

    Cathy – The university is backing Cuomo’s decision, so the team is getting screwed twice.


  4. My brother in law was on that Olypmic team that didn’t get to go to Moscow. And the Soviets Boycotted Los Angeles 4 years later. Huge fiasco. Sports should not be political.


  5. Ingineer – I agree wholeheartedly. That said, we should keep athletes home from Rio, what with the Zika, the crime, and the ousted president.


  6. I feel bad for these kids who have worked so hard. Again, the hypocrisy is what makes me crazy. Favoring one group and trampling on another without any reservation.


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